How To Start A Blog THE RIGHT WAY In 2019 Step By Step

  1. Choose the right blogging platform for your new blog.
  2. Choose your blogs topic & custom domain name.
  3. Setup your blog & web hosting in just 1 click.
  4. Customize the look and feel of your new blog.
  5. Write your very first blog post.

Step 1 – Choose Your Blogging Platform

WordPress is the go-to platform for bloggers. Why?

Because it’s free, easy to use, simple to customise and designed with bloggers in mind.

Why Do People Use & Recommend WordPress?

  1. It’s free for anyone to use (you just need a cheap webhost & domain name)
  2. It’s super easy to use even if you never built a blog before
  3. They have over 5,000 free themes to choose from to make your blog look awesome
  4. Over 91% of all blogs are running WordPress, including this one!

Why You Shouldn’t Create A Blog On A Free Platform

People don’t know the difference between starting a self-hosted blog and using free blogging websites.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers make, is using a free blogging platform when they are just getting started. Everyone wants to learn how to start a blog for free thinking they will become a famous author and make a stack of money.

But if you do this, you will seriously limit your potential success as a blogger.

All of the major free blogging platforms like Blogspot, Medium or Tumblr suffer from the same serious flaws-

  • No Control – You have zero control over your blog. Tumblr/BlogSpot or whoever can choose to shutdown your blog and delete it at any time.
  • Lack Of Customisation – You can’t use any of the thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins and are limited to very basic templates.
  • Limits – You are limited on how many images and videos you can upload or how many people visit your blog.
  • No Custom Domain Name – You will get stuck using an ugly domain name like rather than just
  • No One Will Take You Seriously – And the most important of all, is if you use a free platform it makes you look like an inexperienced beginner and no one will take you seriously.

If you are serious about learning how to start a blog and make money with it like I do-

Then do things the right way the first time! The choice is yours.

Plus it only costs a handful of dollars to do it the right way – so why take shortcuts? You can see for yourself why a self-hosted-wordpress website is recommended.

Step 2 – Choose Your Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps of starting a blog.

If you don’t know what a domain name is, well it is the address of your blog – for example the domain name of this blog is just my name –

Before you choose a domain name you need to choose a topic for your blog.

If you’re not sure what to blog about here are a few suggestions-

  • Write a list of 3 things you are good at
  • Write a list of 3 things you are interested in or enjoy
  • Write a list of 3 things you want to learn about

That quick 5 minute exercise will give you more than enough ideas for topics for your blog. Just choose from your menu of ideas.

My advice is to write content about things you are passionate and knowledgeable about. You’ll be able to create hundreds of posts that your audience find engaging and they will subscribe to hear more.

Once you have a topic for your blog you need to choose a good domain name.

If you are going to blog about a specific topic (which I recommend you do) then you should try and incorporate that into the domain name.

Or you could just use your name as your domain name like I did with this blog that focuses on blogging and digital marketing.

Step 3 – Setup Web Hosting & WordPress

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is what keeps your blog “online” and stores all of your blogs files, images and content.  If you don’t have a web host then no one would be able to see your blog!

A good web host means that your blog will be available to every single person in the world, every single second of every single day.

Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies!

There are both good and bad hosting companies & choosing a host is an important part of starting a blog.

Many cheap hosts overload their servers which means your blog will be slow, which means updating it will take longer and it will take longer for your visitors to load it.

That is usually backed with terrible support so when you do have a problem, you’re on your own.

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