How to Start Your Own Blog

Hello and welcome to my step-by-step guide how to create your own blog. If you don’t know how to blog, you came to the right place. I’ll guide you through the first steps and show you how to make money with a blog for beginners.

If you feel overwhelmed right now, take a deep breathThis guide helps to build your own blog without any prior technical experience.

You can save yourself a lot of time and headaches by following this guide. I’ve already made the early mistakes that you can avoid with my help. This free blog puts all the information you need in one trusted location. You can start your own blog today and then I’ll show you how to turn your blog into a profitable website. I have helped teenagers and people in their 90s with setting up a blog in 20 minutes (or less.)  And I can help you make your own blog, too. Remember, if you get stuck at any point, please message me and I’ll help you get unstuck.

Skip the rest of the introduction and start building your blog!

Do you have something to share with the world? The fact you are here now indicates you do indeed have something to share. If you are wanting to reach people outside of your family, coworkers,

neighborhood, or other places in your life, then the internet is the place to be. You just need a place where people can find you online.

What is a blog?

Still today I get asked, “what is a blog”? Well, a blog is simply a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Most bloggers write like they talk. They did not start out as talented writers. They wrote like they talked, and picked up a few page formatting skills along the way.

This website has lots of free tips about page formatting and writing that work with any type of blog. You can start a successful blog in practically any blog niches imaginable.

Why Blogging Works

Bloggers develop awesome relationships with their readers by sharing their personal stories in their posts. Personal stories make connections with people, and personal opinions spark conversations, which build relationships. See how to blog works? Your blog can have a comments section where readers provide feedback to your posts. Blog comments often add additional material to a post that is interesting and fun to read. This direct connection between blogger and reader happens faster and easier than a newspaper or magazine. You will connect with like-minded people and share ideas, stories, and even make new friends.

The best way to start a blog is through relationship building. Process that naturally comes with blogging can open a door for you to make money with your website, which we will talk about in this guide later on. Another reason why blogging works is that no matter the topic, your readers don’t expect you to know everything about a topic. So relax. You don’t have to be an “expert” to enjoy or succeed in blogging. For example, you don’t have to be a former NFL head coach to start a blog about pro football. You don’t have to be a licensed chef to start a food blog. If you love food, that passion will show through your blog and attract like-minded people!

Passion is a good start – but you need something else to succeed: A GUIDE.

I love helping bloggers who are passionate about their topic. Passion is important for long-term success. However, if you don’t have a guide to help you get there, passion gets wasted. I’m here to help you channel your passion into a productive direction. Let me walk you through this process and help you get the end result you want.

See if any of these reasons to start a blog describing why you are doing this:

Share your story. I get emails all the time from people who want to share their story because they want to help other people going through the same thing. Things like living with a disability, dealing with mental illness, finding a job, finding true love – you can share your entire life story with the world, or you can make your blog private and only let certain people see it. I’ve seen some people start a blog and use it as a diary…they simply share what they did that day so friends and family can keep up-to-date.

Find customers for their business. These days we know that Google helps people find practically anything they’re looking for. This includes information about all types of business…Need new tires? Google “new tires near me.” Want to sell your home? You pull out Google to find the right real estate agent to work with. Businesses of all types are using their blog to bring in new customers.

Build a Community. Blogging is interactive. You write a post and readers give feedback in the comments. This is how like-minded people form a community. A blog can be a magnet that attracts similar people, giving them a chance to connect, build a relationship, and form a community.

Make money from home. There are some bloggers who earn well over six figures per month. Others make a thousand per month. Many don’t make anything. Why? They don’t have a guide. Or they read too many different guides and get confused. This guide goes into more detail on how to make money with a blog later on. If you’re looking for a way to generate income, you can get off to a good start by using this blog setup guide, which sets you up with the type of blog you need to make money. Not all blogs are compatible with making money – particularly free blogs.

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